Alien Anthology 40th Anniversary Facehugger

Hi SWS family! Remembered this deadline tonight and thought I would throw in work I did for the Alien Anthology 40th Anniversary Short Film collection produced in 2018. 

This Facehugger animatronic (and matching rag doll) was created by my company, Raptor House FX, from concept to final puppet, over the span of 5 months. I was responsible for "updating" the design to look more fleshy rater than the hard "crab-like" shell we have seen in some of the Alien sequels following Aliens. 

I sculpted the animatronic skin to fit our mechanical design department's specifications, moulded, and painted the piece myself. 

This puppet is skinned with Smooth On Dragonskin ecoflex 30 silicone, and painted with Smooth On's Psycho Paint system. Colors mixed custom from the Silc Pig sample pack. 

I focused on human-like skin coloring, with surface veins in both green and blue / purple for an added sickly feeling. The script called for a Facehugger that looked like it was slowly dying. 

Love Stan Winston School, always appreciate everything you guys share, the deep passion for monster making, and the accessibility of knowledge for young folks new to the industry. 

Blessings and Peace, 

Jesse Velez | Founder | Raptor House FX

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