Nicodemus- Creature Painting Contest Entry 2

Nicodemus; The Secret of NIMH, 1982


Nicodemus from the Secret of NIMH was entirely handmade and hand painted. The hands and head were base painted with pax gray made from basic acrylic paint and prosaide, then dry brushed in various grays. Layers of black and then brown washes were brushed on, later highlighted in tans and light gray. Extra shading was added with pax and acrylic extender and lightly spattered with tans and light grays. Paint was sealed with flexible clear spray.


Other fun facts-

Hair is upcycled violin bow horsehair, punched. His staff is a frantic “I forgot to pack a costume piece” mish mash of a dash through the craft store. Medallion is resin cast with red metallic flakes and a custom backing, painted and engraved with the quote from the movie. Light-up eyes were digitally added in the professional shot at the very bottom of the post, the current eye lights do not catch on camera well so for the pro-shot they were added afterward.



Professional Shot Below With Enhanced Eyes

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