GREMLINS 2 - Green Gremlin Prototype Puppet Prop Replica - Entry #02

This is my second paintjob I did on a life-sized gremlin puppet from GREMLINS 2. 

As with my brown gremlin, I wanted it to be as screen-accurate as possible, and collected reference pictures from the production, and recent pictures of some of the surviving puppets.

I took the features I liked the most from several screen-used gremlins, and made this my own.

I did this entirely with regular brushes, using acrylics, and clear coat for the eyes, horns and claws. 
To give the skin a bit of a shine, and to protect the paint, I sprayed it with a clear varnish. 

Doing a green version was great fun. Having already done a brown one, I think the process went a bit faster. But the green gremlin had a lot more markings all around, so in some places it was more difficult to do. But I’m very satisfied with the final look.

I changed the brown factory paint scheme on this gremlin, and turned it green. I think the factory paintjob was ok, but not very realistic looking. So doing these repaints was soo satisfying.

Now I’ve got both a brown.. and a green gremlin in my house..

Enjoy :)

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