GREMLINS 2 - Brown Gremlin Prototype Puppet Prop Replica - Entry #01

This is a paintjob I did on a life-sized gremlin puppet from GREMLINS 2. 

I wanted it to be as screen-accurate as possible, and before I started out, I collected a whole bunch of reference pictures from the production, and recent pictures of some of the surviving puppets.

Every movie gremlin was painted quite differently, and I took the features I liked the most, and made this my own. I think I ended up with a realistic and accurate looking creature.

I did this entirely with regular brushes, using acrylics, and clear coat for the eyes, horns and claws. 
To give the skin a bit of a shine, and to protect the paint, I sprayed it with a clear varnish.

The puppet is an officially licensed replica, cast from an original Rick Baker prototype. This particular gremlin design ended up looking almost exactly like this in the movie. But the feet were changed radically before filming, giving them way longer toes, which better matched the hands.

But otherwise this puppet is a great, accurate and very detailed replica from an amazing movie. And it was a fun experience trying to match the paintjob Baker’s team did back then. Maybe some details would have been easier to do by airbrushing. But having only brushes at my disposal was both a great challenge, and learning experience. And I think it turned out ok.

I kept the brown paint scheme on this gremlin, like the factory paint. But I also wanted a green one. (Both look sooo cool in the movie). So I knew I had to purchase another puppet to repaint.. Which I did :)

My second entry in this contest is my green version.

Enjoy :)

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    NECA needs to resign a lot of "Gremlins 2" Gremlin lifesize replicas and do a better coloring paintings as this!
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