THE TOOTHFAIRY - Original bust & full character design by Pretty Ugly Creations

The Toothfairy - On display in The Prosthetics Event's Monster Mash Exhibition 2019.
Full character complete with a carved foam body, covered in faux fur and recycled leather, with rope & wire wrapped legs, taxidermy owl wings, and a silicone and flexible foam head, featuring resin teeth.

The bust consists of  a PS Composites' Platsil 10 Silicone with 40% softener, and a touch of light skin tone pigment. And was backed up with the same silicone with 0% softener and had halved cotton pads and reusable towel embedded in the silicone to help fuse to the FlexFoam-It!

Once released it had a light clean to remove residue, then using Smooth- On's diluted Dragon Skin 10 FAST, I started with a diluted burgundy pigment, stippling with a 1" brush over the entire piece. This colour was applied more evenly to the areas required (i.e: gums, nostrils, embedded teeth holes, and vibration receptors ). This was applied twice, before following the stippling method with a translucent blue pigment. A small amount of red was added to this existing blue mixture, to created a darker, muted purple, and was applied in the same way, including the nostrils and vibration receptors.

After these layers had cured, a more opaque dark red was mixed and applied to the nostrils, mouth, vibration receptors and tooth holes. I then used my Neo for Iawata airbrush with gravity feed, and a pale, translucent blue to start adding veins all over the piece at different distances, and overlapping to create more depth. This same method was repeated with muted purple, and burgundy tone. For smaller details, a few freckle-like textures were added with a fine brush and Skin Illustrator's FX Palette.

The entire piece was covered in a clear coat of the Platsil 10 silicone, and left to cure. The same silicone was then used to attach the teeth into the pre-existing holes on top of the head (created in the sculpting process), with the silicone acting as a suction aid. To enhance the wet look of the mouth, nostrils and vibration receptors, a very light coat of baby powder was added the rest of the best to matte it slightly (apparent in the first image).

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