01 - The monsterbook

edited May 2020 in Creature Painting Contest
Here is an ancient magic book, a book so old that it got tired of not being alive! 
I designed and create this artwork entirely by me,with latex, resin and a blank paper sheets. I colored the whole work by hand with brushes and acrylic colors, with particular attention to the eye and the skin texture. I tried to make every single detail with really thin brushes. I also used transparent resin to create the glossy effect on eye, and slashed skin between seams.
The book shows a large watchful eye and a long gash that crosses it from side to side, depicting a rudimentary grinning mouth. The entire object has sutures, in fact the cover of the tome would be made up of different flaps of skin, sewn together. In this photo, I placed the monsterbook, in a set that allows you to glimpse the chaotic writing desk of a sorcerer, a right place where you can find this kind of magical object. I think that this set place can valorize the artwork with colors and atmosphere. 

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