Ashley's Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume 2018

Hey Stan Winston Crew & other interwebs ppl,
I created the deadly 'Tooth Fairy' from Hellboy 2  costume for the Halloween walk in Toronto in 2018.  I had nothing but dollarama paints in the house and newspaper. So thinking resourcefully, I created this entirely using the simple papier-mâché technique, heavy cardboard, white glue, duck-tape, old clothes and acrylic paints. I cut a plastic hollow toy ball & painted the eyes. **I cut-out two holes in the head, above the mouth for my sight** I made 2 arms and 4x legs. (Sorry in the picture you only see 2 legs). I used the ol' trick of clothing hangers and painted stockings for the wings. It took about ~3 weeks in total. The legs latched onto a belt I wore, also making sure I was wearing black pants so it wouldn't break the illusion of hanging legs in mid-air. I even wore blue gloves on my hands (turquoise nail-polish incase I took them off. Womans gotta look good!) Paired with a turquoise-ish scarf for the neck, dyed white cloth with wet paint. AND of course I made the blood from cornstarch & red coloured dye. There has to be blood for this creature character!
Even though I'm past Grade 5,  a graduated animation student, I wanted to see how far I could push the limits with basic materials. Furthermore, back in 2016 I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Yes 26 yrs old was a bit late :S I kept them in a tiny glass jar (still have them!)  So I used that as a necklace piece for this. I really loved this particular creature design  & was also the inspired by my teeth so why not?! I had to do it.
The smile on this creature says it all. It enhances that very uncomfortable memory, of feeling so insecure when visiting the dentist. Most kids do freak out when they see even a tiny bit of blood coming from their mouths. They have no idea what's happening. Halloween is/ or should be all about bringing out these fears in children & adults again. But also trying to engage them so that the fear might dissolve a bit (only a bit!). So the next time they see their dentist they can say "Hey, I'm not afraid of you!" (that all changes once you get your wisdom teeth pulled, haha). Anyway, that Halloween night of 2018 most people actually knew what I was referencing. Enjoyed the process & happy with the results.

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