Face Hugger posable model repaint

This a 1:1 Life Size Facehugger posable model that comes with the Alien Covenant Blu Ray. The paint job on it was terrible so I decided to rework it to see if I could improve it. It was hand painted with acrylic and lots of washes in various tones were added for variation. I used Chromium pencils for fine details such as veins and blemishes. The whole thing was then painted with a translucent rubber which protects the paint work and also creates a subsurface skin like effect which also gives it the wet look that you can see in the photos. 

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    Getting That wet look had been on my mind since I first thought of doing a hugger…You did a Great job! ( I thought maybe using liquid latex mold builder…)I will find the ‘translucent rubber if it’s a different product…
    There are so many nooks and crannies… the deeper I look it seems the deeper paint/shading can go.
    inspiring work, thank you for sharing.

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    This is really good rework...I myself bought and assembled a PVA vinyl model..yet to paint...always good to see paintwork from others to inspire myself...thank you for sharing!
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