The Judge

The Judge. Original creature design, sculpey painted with acrylic. 


  • This creature is nothing short of amazing! Well done Marc!
  • Thank you very much Wesley!
  • i'd really like to see this thing move
  • I second that.  This creature would make an amazing puppet/animatronic.

    very impressive!

  • The paint job is amazing. Such rich colors and wonderful depth and translucency.
  • Marc OpdyckeMarc Opdycke ✭✭✭
    edited April 2015
    Thank you guys, the eye stalk is retracted in this position, I picture it being able to raise like a periscope, and the sac on the throat being able to inflate 
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  • Disgustingly  beautiful - great coloration, textures and design - love it !
  • My goodness he is soooo disturbingly ugly! 
    Fantastic Mark !!
  • Thanks for the kind words, so glad he is liked 
  • Amazing and strangely ''feminine''??!?
  • Marc OpdyckeMarc Opdycke ✭✭✭
    edited April 2015
    Mathieu, thank you. I didn't have a gender in mind when creating it, but have also thought that there is something vaguely feminine about it, the organs encircling the neck suggest an upturned collar or coat?  and the sacks and structures on the chest might imply feminine features? I don't know, But I agree, thanks for picking up on it also, whatever it is :) 
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