Becoming a professional practical effects artist.

Hi I was wondering if someone could give me advice on becoming a professional practical effects artist. Im curious in what college you attended and what curious you took to achieve your goal. Did you start of as a intern and tutor under someone? I plan to work ilm so if anyone knows someone that I can intern under that would be a big help.  


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    Hi Julian,

    If you are interested in a career in practical effects I would suggest starting with getting as much experience as possible on your own first.  This will help you hone your skills while also helping you discover which aspects of the industry you enjoy the most or have the most aptitude in.

    To get this experience you can work with a local theater company, haunted house, museum, live event company, small production company, YouTube channel, school, cosplay, Halloween or holiday costumes and decorations, maker space, hobbies, etc.  The practical skills and portfolio you build will be your stepping stone to starting in an entry-level position at a larger shop.   

    It really comes down to having a good portfolio that shows the quality of work you can deliver and gives insight into your skillset.  After that the focus is on what kind of team member you will be.  Things like attitude, communication skills, promptness, adaptability, time management, creativity, etc.  Those are harder to judge from a portfolio but developing those areas should be a big focus for you when working on projects prior to getting your foot in the door.

    That's just the fast and short answer.  If you search the forums you can see similar answers from myself and others when this question has been asked in the past.

    Best of luck!

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