Searching for a FX Studio near Ford Lauderdale / Miami etc

Greetings together!
I'm a artist from germany. At the moment my mainly focus is on Armors and Armor-Masks made out of fibreglas.
You can see some of my works here:

But I also would love to make silicon prothetics and latex masks. But at the moment I get a lot of orders for armors, so I haven't had the time to get in touch with that.

It was always my dream to work in the film industrie.
I am on vacation in Ford Lauderdale, Florida this july. (I have friends over there.)
Does any one know some studios around this area (Florida), where I maybe can introduce myselfe for an internship later on this year.
It can be a small studio - everything is welcome! I just want to get in touch with some people, work and learn. 

If someone can offer me an internship somewhere else, it is also welcome and we can talk about it!
Thanks for your help and I hope to get some nice response.
Best wishes

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