I’m working on a project and I’m in need of a very strong silicone that can be colored to be flesh tone. I also am looking for ways to paint the silicone or dye it flesh/blood/gore colors. I have never really used silicone to make a piece like this (it’s a glove like structure that just goes over your hand) thank you so much! Stay safe! 


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    Hi Josephine,

    If you need durable, higher durometer silicones (30 and up) could be a fit for your use, but depending on the specifics of the use case you may be able to get by with a more flexible lower durometer range like 10-20.  You can also reinforce your silicone with a 4-way stretch material like power mesh.

    Companies like Smooth-On offer silicone pigments https://www.smooth-on.com/products/silc-pig/. And you can also use flocking (short colored fibers) to intrinsically pigment the silicone.

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