Predator wood cut out

 I just felt like making this fat ass predator piece for fun. I originally was going to just paint straight onto this  wood I cut with my jig saw out but then  discovered this installation foam called “stuff” and wanted to experiment with it as a 3D/ 2d piece. That’s what I used for all the skin and bubbles. I added my own twist with him having multiple horns and tucks. I used some Styrafoam I got from Home Depot for the dreads. I YouTubed a bunch of tutorials but I had no money at the time and I wanted it to be simple so I went with that. I heated the tips and rolled it to make the points. I used spray paint as the base then went in with the airbrush gun for all the shading. It’s a mixture of hand painted parts with a brush, spray paint and airbrushing. This was a fun experimental piece. Around this time I started using the “stuff” installation foam. It’s super fun and you could do some awesome stuff with it. I also discovered it from YouTube! Thank god for YouTube! Anyways I gave this piece to my good friend niko. Now it hangs on his wall watching him with his demonic swampy eyes!  Enjoy!!! 

My Instagram is colossalsquid 

I have the whole process of me making this if anyone is interested! 
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