Admiral Karver - Original Alien Bust - Entry 2

This is Admiral Karver! He's an original alien design sculpted and painted entirely by me. For this fella, I wanted to make him feel alive and menacing. I've painted this character in a variety of different ways always playing with how I can emphasize different aspects of his design to change the way he's perceived friendlier, mean, etc... For Karver, because I was going for a menacing look, I paid extra attention to the shadowing, particularly around his forehead and brows. His color scheme was heavily inspired by the vibrant colors of many lobster and crab species. The entire character was painted using airbrushes (.2, .3 and .5). This includes his base painting and mottling, his detailing and freckles, veining, washes and eyes. Lastly, I added some clear resin to his nostrils area, mouth and eyes. Thanks for checking him out! Good luck everybody!

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