ACID like airbrush piece

  This piece isn’t finished, it’s been an on and off project. Stupid ass work (grocery store) getting in the way and also too many fun projects to make. So here’s my 3rd attempt to test myself to see what I can strictly do with airbrushing. There’s no structure at all. I would get stoned and drunk and do whatever came to mind. You can display it whatever angle you want. There’s no right or wrong way to show it. I would work on it one angle then rotate it whenever I got bored so it is super organic and entertaining. It’s a mixture of all my favorite shapes and feels. I love bubbly nasty shit and tentacles. Also doing skulls with the airbrush was a new thing so I wanted to incorporate that but with my own vision. It has a swamp thing feel but with other elements that I like. Anyways making shit is hella fun and I’m super thankful I can do this cause the world sucks ass (especially now) and this makes me happy. Enjoy! 
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