11" Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck

This is a 3D printed model of the in-game Tallneck creature from the highly successful game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. It took almost 2 weeks to print, 2 months to build and paint, and is more than 45 separate pieces. I like to refer to myself as the "Minimalist Artist" since I use very little materials and tools to make things such as this. I used some simple acrylic paint and enamel paint for all the details with a variety of paint brushes and small tools and spray paint for the main body colors (so this kit would help a lot in my future en devours). once finished with all the detail paint, I did a very light silver dry-brush over the dark areas and "panel-lined" where it needed and did a slight dark wash. I added some stickers (after these photos) to add a little more variety to it. It stands at just over 11" tall and has pose-able legs.
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