1/1 Toothfairy

This is a life size resin model kit.

It is producced by Monster Dork Studio.


I used the Aves apoxie sculpt to resculpt the connecting of arms and legs. 

Each member is pined with brass rods. 


I used magnets to connect the wings to the body.  This way, I can turn them as I want.


I painted it by hand and airbrush using acrylics paints from Tamiya. 

Lot of drybrush has been needed to bring him as "white" as possible. 


The base is an old one from an 1/4 Sandtrooper. I completly repainted and customized it.

I added some pives, seeds and remains of trees from my backyard.


The kit comes with 3 heads. This allows to have 3 different expressions.


 Thanks for giving the opportunity to be a part of this contest!

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