SMG /Slipknot Inspired Clown Latex Mask

This clown mask was based on Screaming Mad Georges' work for a band, Slipknot.
I sculpted this mask by myself in 2018, when I was 15 years old, with oil based clay. (first picture) We didn't have Ultracal 30 here in Thailand, so I had to mold the clay sculpture with a brand of Dental stone. I've made many copies of this mask since then, but the copy I am submitting here is a custom copy, and is one of the latest mask I've made and painted. The paintjob of this mask was inspired by a mask displayed at Knotfest Museum 2019, courtesy of the band Slipknot. I stumbled upon a picture of the original mask in a facebook group and its inspired me to make this mask. The mask is casted in latex, hand painted with my own mix of latex mask paints, and haired with crepe hair by myself. A comparison of the original mask with my inspired paintjob can be seen in the last picture.
Thanks for looking, and have a great day! :)

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