CPC2020 Entry No. 1: Prednisolon- postapocalyptic 1:1 robot head

Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
edited April 2020 in Creature Painting Contest
Hey  there,

this is my first entry.

Its  a robot  head  from a robot called "Prednisolon"- kind of a medical robot  which   supports  soldiers  on the warfront. 
Prednisolon is a drug which is given to suppress the  immun self defense.  These robots  were built  to inject the prednisolon  into  wounded  soldiers  on the battleground to guarantee  mobility .

Some of these  battledamaged robots were brought  onto  a  junkyard after the war has ended.

I got one head  for a few credits  :-)

It was sculpted in Sculptris 3D and 3d printed by me.

After a lot of  "Bondo"-ing and sanding, it  got a paintjob with acrylics.
I used different brush- techniques, an airbrush, washes, i´ve done stencils, glued chipped  arylic- plates for the rust effects and i had to do a lot of masking with lowtac- tape, hihi.

I hope you like it :-)



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