Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 | 1/3 scale old count silicone maquette |

Hi guys, I wanted to show you the project I'm working on.
It is a 1/3 scale statue representing Gary Oldman in the character of the old count dracula, from the 1992 Coppola film.
The statue you will see in the photo was made with different materials, the head and the hands are in silicone, the resin body, the red tunic with silk satin fabric, the white robe of silk. I then used alpaca fur for the hair that was implanted with the hairpunching technique. The sculpture was initially sculpted entirely in monster clay hard, it was then divided into parts to obtain the resin body and the parts of the head and hands in silicone. For the silicone parts I used the platsil gel 25, while for the body I used the smooth-on 325 resin. The head and hands were painted using psyco paint and oil colors all diluted with benzilux solvent (naphtha). For the entire painting process I only used brushes of various sizes, and sponges.
Unfortunately I cannot show you the photos of the finished work because the materials I need to finish it will not arrive before a month, due to the coronavirus.
The statue is however 80% complete, and the part relating to the painting has been completed.
For those interested below you can find the links of my youtube channel where I posted the entire painting process.
You can also find me on instagram and facebook at the following links
I hope you like it and let me know in the comments what you think about it!

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