On the Cheap!!!

David BoccabellaDavid Boccabella Moderator
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Hi folks.
Many of us look through catalogs and drool on the nice equipment there. Airbrush compressors (decent), Degassers, Flocking Guns.
And then we see the price :(

However one can make a lot of these on the cheap from discarded materials for about $50 or so. REALLY!!

Ok - Airbrush Compressors.  I have made one of these but I used an old fire extinguisher tank on mine (and no welding.. Bolts and tie straps work well.)

Now a compressor just sucks air in from the atmosphere But is can also suck the air out of a pressure pot.

Flocking Guns are fun, but you don't want to spend $1500 on them. Here is one for under $10

Finally us old Buggers start to get failing eyesight.. and electronic parts are getting smaller.
I can buy a SMD microscope for a under $1000 But.. With a cheap  Video Micropscope from ebay (Not USB), and a cheap reversing monitor (total about $60) I made this. That is a camera module I am looking at there.

Or if you don;t mind looking off to one side to a laptop monitor then just any of the USB scopes with a stand will do :)

Hope this helps the starting workshop.

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