Creature painting contest submission: SOTA Toys Pumpkinhead repaint

Hey guys,

This paint job was for to repaint a Pumpkinhead figure produced by SOTA toys back in the day. The original factory paint job was kind of underwhelming and flat, but underneath all that there was a pretty decent sculpt that deserved more. The piece was pretty broken and the owner wanted me to assemble it, make it a statue and give it a repaint. 
Now what I wanted to achieve here is not just copy the look of the creature in the film, but make it look alive, diseased with as much translucency as the scale allows. It was one of the most challenging paint gigs I had to do, and this was only the 3rd time I used an airbrush. 
At the end, I wowed never paint an action figure again. Just stick to states. :)
Hope you like it. 

The first couple of images are going to be how it looked like when it arrived, I tried and look for images after I primed the figure but just cannot seem to find one. Sorry. 

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