NEED UPDATED LIST - How To Make An Eye Mechanism - Design, 3D Printing & Assembly

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  • under $200 would be better
  • Hi EM3D,

    These controllers go out of stock or get replaced by newer models quite often.

    When I built this project I used a "FrSky Taranis X9D plus". Taranis makes pretty good transmitters that are not super expensive.  Advanced users can even modify the software on them.  

    Any transmitter that has channel mixing (so you can have the eyelids track when the eyes look up/down) and has at least 6 channels should work.

  • I agree that the materials list could use an overhaul.  None of the links provided actually link to the part mentioned (the Robin's Hobby website is also pretty terrible). 
    Not to mention, a lot of the products also just don't exist anymore.
    If you don't want to update the materials list, then perhaps a follow up video on changes since the course was released or what to look for when shopping for the tools elsewhere (Micro Drill Bits, Taps, Screw Sizes, Servos, etc..). 
  • Hi Casey,

    I've passed this along to the team so we can look into updating links and possibly identify alternative components.


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