Silicone Alien Bust, painted 2 ways!

This is a project i've been working on for several months in my own time. I wanted to design a creature that would suit different kinds of colours and patterns so that I could purposefully experiment with different paint jobs. I love art finishing so the purpose behind this project was to improve my overall skills but focus on my painting.

I sculpted her in monster clay, moulded in fibreglass and ran her in platgel 10. I painted her with a mix of RS silicone, white spirit and oil paints. I had a lot of fun during the process and definitely learned a lot from her :) I can't take credit for the eyes! I bought them from a taxidermy supplier. 

Here is a youtube link to see them together on a turntable for a better perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5MhueBM2iU 

Thanks so much for looking! :D Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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