Humpty Dumpty

This is my Humpty Dumpty display piece. It’s a large piece at about two and a half feet tall and sits atop a faux brick wall. Every step of the process from design, sculpting, molding, casting and painting were all done by me. I sculpted it in oil clay, molded in Ultracal 30 and cast in latex filled with Smooth-on flex foam. The teacup hand was molded separately in silicone and cast in resin.
The skin tone and eyes were airbrushed with Iwata and Paasche airbrushes using Tim Gores Bloodline by Createx. The body, jacket, pants etc. were hand paint with brushes and shaded with airbrush. It’s outfitted with a real satin hat, bow tie and pocket square. The teacup is from a tin tea set filled with colored resin for tea. Enjoy! 
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