three little wyrds

Hi all - thought I might throw my hat into the ring, so to speak - so here's a few of my barmy bits: these are characters from Wyrdworld, a universe where the animals are just as sentient as the humans, and just as badly-behaved. They are all made at 1/6th scale - I have vague plans to commit to life-sized versions of at least one of these critters at some point, but right now have neither the spare time or spare cash for such ambitions. Anyway, enough blather:

first up is Mett-Aa the Fox, a rogue and a wrong 'un - he creates and animates evil 'little helper' puppets to assist him in his mischiefs. The figure is a plaster-cast from a plasticene sculpt.

Next is Dreg the Baboon - spellweaver and sometime were-tree. He wears a human skin, just to turn a few tables on the 'normal' way of things. Made from milliput over an aluminium armature.

last is Hengis the Hamster, looking for all the world like he's out on a Predator-hunt. Milliput again, with a few bits of plastic and such in the making of the gun.

Hope you like 'em, thanks to anyone looking in :)

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