1/56 scale Big mutant from the sewers of the hive

Hi all :)

First off, this is my very 1st post here. A friend of mine who knows what I like linked me this page and this contest. I am an aspiring creature designer from Finland. My toddler takes most of my free time and come end of may, he will be joined by his little sister. When I am not totally being a dad, I love to paint and sculpt (digitally, traditionally) all manner of things from dreams and nightmares. I am a BIG fan of many things Winston. I grew up on the Terminator, Jurassic Park, Predator etc. like any other child of the 80s, and I believe it still shows heavily on whatever I do now. I mainly focus on miniatures for gaming, but I try to push the boundaries and hopefully, someday I release a set of miniatures of my own. Maybe even a full game.

This guy who I am about to show to you is one of my latest. He is based on my own concept, and is digitally sculpted and printed by yours truly. I painted the showpiece along with the scratchbuilt background. He is in 1/56 scale but growing up a mutant spurred his growth along other things, making him a beast of a man, many times larger than your average homo sapiens. He scavenges the sewers of a huge human city in the future, a true bottom feeder who discards nothing of value. Life is hard down there, so some of the more fierce mutants have braved the upper levels of the city to claim better prize - his natural armor keeping him safe, he stalks the upper floors and the shadowy corridors for men and loot, skewering targets with his underslung harpoon gun and crushing kevlar open with his huge claw.

I hope you guys get a kick out of him! He was a cool project and hopefully I get to do something similar in the near future.

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