Making a Master copy for remaking Stone Molds

I have just made an Hydrocal mold to make Latex Masks and I want to make a master positive so I can replace the Mold when needed.

Should I cast the master in silicone or Latex?

Which would be preferable? and how often could I re-use the master copy (10years life or should I make a new master copy with every new mold?)

can I fill with flexfoam IV  or another version?


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    I would cast the master in something durable and stable like a urethane rubber or high-durometer silicone.   It could be backed with foam, as long as it's dense foam so it would not deform when future molds are made off the casting.

    That said, you may be able to reach out to your Smooth-On rep to see what materials they might recommend for your specific situation.

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