Puppet Progress

I have to say it’s really hard to keep a “Discussion “ going with myself. No one but “Chris” comments and those are few and far between. Support for these classes is Sub-Par at best. It’s a good thing Im enjoying the Courses. With that said, I can’t rightfully complain about the lack of activity if I’m not posting. With that said here’s an update on my progress on my Bumble Twins. Be safe and careful out there everyone and Share The Puppet Love. ~Kahula


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    Hi Kahula,  

    They are looking great.  Sadly I'm not very experienced in this type of puppet making, so I can't offer much constructive criticism.  But I do like them!  Over time I'm sure others will comment, but most of our students read posts and post their own discussions, rather than commenting on others. 

    We really do appreciate you sharing your progress here with us!

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