Buzzing Right Along On Buzz

I still have a lot to do but I’m “Buzzing” right along on “Buzz”. 


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    It's amazing what a difference adding arms makes!   Do you plan on having wings as well?

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    Yup, bumbles should have wings. They will both have wings. Do you have a simple mech suggestion for wings? ~K
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    One thing I might try is use a rigid wire at the top of each wing, and have the wings attach to the body so they can rotate upwards and become more visible.  A single string could be used to raise both wings up by pulling down on it.    I would try a prototype first to see how it might work.
    The pivot point could be created using something like a "chicago screw" as a post.  The rigid wire could then be wrapped around that post once so it is able to swing up/down, and a little excess rigid wire past the post could give you an attachment point for the pull string.  

    My only concern would be the soft fabric on the back may have trouble supporting the wings as they rotate up.  It may be necessary to have some type of solid backing plate inside the puppet behind both pivot points that helps to support the wings and distribute force as you pull the string.

    That's just one quick idea.  I'm sure there are plenty of other options!

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