SEIZA 1/4 scale Ape

Hi all!
 Here I present you my entry. I called this "SEIZA". It's a 1/4 scale humanoid chimp. It was sculted with Monsterclay and casted in Plastsil gel 25. The sword was casted in PU resin. Painted with a mix of glazier' silicone and silicon dyes. I hope you like it!

This piece is very special for me since it has been a lot of work and not  little reflection and feeling.  I love apes but not only for their aesthetics, but also for the incredible relationship they have with and with respect to us. In many ways I think we are still like them, although trying to dominate and control our animal instinct. Control our body, our emotions and our mind to be able to grow and be more than the carcass of muscle and bone that we show. Or at least that's how I think it should be.

I have the terrible feeling that we are just one step away from being like them again. I have the feeling that outside the security package, out of the hyperstimulation that stuns us, it would take us no more than a second to move from civilized humans to beasts without judgment. With a simple push in the right direction would suffice, because the mental and spiritual wall that should prevent it is made of smoke.

This is what this piece is about. On aspiring to be better, far from lights and sound, far from the empty world of the modern human. Away from the smoke.

SEIZA means "sitting correctly" and implies self-control, focus and recognition of the here and now.In Seiza there are no lights or sounds, there are no empty dreams or smoke. Only the real world ... and us.

Original idea, sculpted, casted and painting: Eduardo Velayos Ortega https://www.facebook.com/VelayosArt/
Sword 3D Modelling and Printing: Jose de la Fuente
Casted at Bárbara Almart Almart's Workshop http://www.escueladeesculturaalmart.com/
Hair by Patricia Galoc and @Santi_Goicoechea
Photography and Video: Joaquin Ros Rivera https://joaquinrosr.com/

Here is a link to a little video about Seiza


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