Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex Bust.

This Tyrannosaurus rex bust was sent to me to be built and painted, the client asked for the bust to be painted in the original color scheme that was given to the tyrannosaurus seen in Jurassic Park but under neutral lighting, since the breakout scene made it look gray-ish he wanted to have this piece to be as faithful to the original as possible and that's exactly what I attempted to achieve with this paint job.

The taxidermy eyes were crafted from scratch and painted to emulate the ones of the animatronic as well, it was an extensive process with around 65 hours of work just for the paint job that was completely done by hand brush, no airbrush was used at all in the busthundreds of scales were painted individually, each tooth was weathered individually and then covered in translucent resin to give it that wet look.

This project is a labor of love since Jurassic Park was one of the movies that marked my childhood and later made me realize I wanted to be an artistI couldn't be happier to have built and painted this girl and now being able to share it with everyone who's reading this, thanks.


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