This is a 12.5" display piece I made for my studio of the Child because I'm a HUGE fan of the work Legacy did on the show, especially with this character. I sculpted the head, hands, and feet in Monster Clay, then cast and ran them in Dragon Skin FX Pro silicon, tinted with custom pigment and flocking. He's airbrushed with silicon Psycho Paint tinted with oils; the nails were sculpted in Monster Clay and molded, and run in translucent resin tined with a flesh tone and painted. The hair is hand punched. The costume was constructed to replicate as much detail as possible using hand-dyed canvas and nylon fleece and distressed using silk paints. He has a 3d printed jointed skeleton under the costume to allow for the limbs to be posed, and he's standing on a wooden base with a custom MANDALORIAN plaque printed on a resin printer and molded and cold-cast in resin/aluminum, then distressed.

And I learned all the molding, casting, painting and hair techniques from the courses here at SWS!

Thanks for looking!

-Cory Moosman

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