Creatureconcept - Cancer

Hey everyone, thought I'd join in on the fun. Here's a design I did a while ago.

Description: "Cancer is a relatively new vibration found in certain rifts within the oceanic astral realms. This mutation of energy is chaotic in nature. Flowing in and out of the second and third of the lower planes, Cancer gathers in huge numbers to distort the local vibrations of the dimensional fabric. 

Currently Cancer seems increasingly drawn to Gaia due to the entity's chaotic transition into higher vibrations. They prey on the strings of light-energy that connect all living beings to the higher realms and are especially fond of human heart-energy. They will latch on to a target and slowly begin to sap the spiritual flow. If enough Cancers gather on the same string the vibration will become so distorted that disease will manifest itself physically and spread. 

On Earth, Cancer is also karmic in nature, drawn to either certain soul-families or individual souls to speed up their transition to the higher realms. It acts as an awakener and gives them an opportunity to find very powerful light-vibrations while still in their current incarnation, speeding up a process that otherwise would take many cycles."

Tools used: Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 2

You can see more stuff at my deviantArt:


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