Scar from The Lion King musical - cosplay

For your consideration... :)

This is based on the Lion King musical production, and was hugely a learn-by-doing process. I made everything myself, and did my own facepainting. The mask (which I did win best prop for, in a cosplay craftsmanship competition, if I may toot my own horn for a little bit) was the big piece de resistance - I sculpted it in clay and shaped worbla over the sculpt, as I did this on the floor of my living room in my tiny apartment in Copenhagen (I now live in the US - I made this a few years ago), and did not have the funds or workspace to attempt making a mold. I'd love to revisit this someday and try my hand at moldmaking, though! The mane is made out of goose feathers, just like the real stage mask! The torso "cage" is worbla, a yoga mat, some wood dowels, and some garden hose. The claws are worbla, too. Had to get creative with my materials! I also hand-painted all that patterning and colour gradient on the bodysuit. 
And my face is good ol' Snazzaroo waterbased cake paint.
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