What should I mold my core out of?

Hello! I am making a creature that is similar to the chestburster from aliens (we are doing a cable mechanism just like they did on that film) and to make up the discs for the mechanism we are going to cast a core and cut it up. 

The only problem is that I have no idea what material I should cast the core out of. I've seen some people use resins but I've also heard that those give off a strong exothermic reaction and I don't want to damage my mold. I've also seen people use dental acrylic but I'm not sure what the pros and cons are for that material as a core and I also have no idea where to buy it if I do decide to go that direction.

Thank you!


  • Hi Octavian,

    Sounds like a fun project!

    Mold cores are typically resin, or epoxy/fiberglass.  If you worry about it producing too much heat you can build it up in layers to reduce the amount of heat it gives off.

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