The Progress On My Poof Ball

While I'm waiting for the delivery guy to deliver the supplies I need to move forward on my muffin...  I take my first crack at carving a Poof Ball to make a puppet. Here's where I am. Oh what fun this is. I think I've caught... The Puppet Bug. lol. ~Kahula


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    Face is shaping up nicely!

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    Where did you source the poof balls?  I wish the materials list was available for the courses with sources.
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    Hi Kent,

    You can find this kind of poof ball on Amazon.  Just double-check the dimensions before ordering, as sometimes it can be difficult to tell scale in the product photos.

    We try to offer as much information about materials as possible ion our course pages, but linking out to places to purchase them can be a challenge.  Products come in and out of stock, change names, get discontinued, link structures on sites change resulting in dead links, etc.   That said, we are always happy to help you find materials or alternative materials for your projects!

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    Hi Chris! 
    Thanks so much for your quick response!  I found "uncoated foam balls" in 6", 7" and 8" sizes from S&S Worldwide.  SSWS.com
    The price went down as you bought 6, so I got six of each size.  My hand is ginormous, so the 6" will be for my wife, and I'll use the big boys (we'll split the 7's!)
    I also just found out how to establish a pathway, so I started one on puppets.  There are tons of cool things to do here - you are going to have me doing everything!
    I guess I'll have to retire from my "real" job!
    Thanks again!  I'm glad I joined for a year, although, I will probably have to re-up because there is so much!!!

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