How to get indiana jones smoke effect

edited March 2020 in Makeup Effects
I'm looking on how to get a smoke effect similar to the one in indiana jones when he picks up the metal. 
In the film I'm doing one of the characters picks up a rock and it starts smoking. If anyone knows how to achieve this please let me know thanks. I've attached a few reference pictures. 


  • Hi Demetrius,

    For smoke effects like that a small smoke/fog machine is often used, along with tubing to send smoke to the prop/appliance.

    Many prop makers are now using modified electronic cigarettes and vaporizers to create compact smoke effects.  They can be attached to small fans/pumps to draw air in and emit smoke.  They use fluid that contains no nicotine or flavor additives.

    You can also purchase products magicians use for this effect, which are also based off electronic cigarettes/vaporizers, but at an extreme markup. 

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