How can you make fake eyes glow very bright ?

I was wondering how you could make a eye or anything on a prop glow in the dark. I had some paints but you could barely see them in the dark so I was asking If someone knows a good paint which glows bright. Like Morgansmutations work has it for instance 

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  • Oh great thank you so much, I’ve heard of this glow work but Uv lights would just glow under black light right? 
  • And in which abuse would I mix it in when I just wanna put some glowing effect on a mask to prop ? Which base would work best
  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
    Check out Stuart Semple's "Lit" glow  powder. It comes in a few colors and mixes directly into resins. I may be wrong here but, it looks like Morgansmuations is using fluorescent Daler-Rowney FW inks which glow very bright under black light. 
  • Thank you so much Micah, do you think you could use this lit powder also in a for instance liquitex soft body like jordu uses it or mod podge. Or could I use it right out of the bottle by itself? And when I mix the fw ink in this soft body base would it still glow, and also under normal darkness or just under black light ?
  • Oh I just saw they also have a base called super base I might wanna use this 
  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
    I don't think you would get the same effect using the FW acrylic inks in liquitex soft body but, who knows, maybe you'll come up with something cool. I would use it as a concentrated paint and only over clear-ish resins. The FW fluorescent inks would only "glow" under black light. 

  • Ok thank you so much again, I got the lit now:) thanks for the tip! Because I bought some paints on amazon and they didn’t work out it flowed in the bottle at night but on my sculpey work it just won’t glow just a tiny bit. So I will look how it works with lit 
    have a nice day

  • Why you want the eyes to glow is also a factor.  Do you wan them to sit on a display piece always glowing, or do you want them to glow in a specific environment or situation, or perhaps have them glow for a photo or video shoot?   Some of those situations you can use UV light to amp up the glow, or charge the glowing additives so they glow brighter when the light is turned off.

    Many of the glowing additives can be added to different base materials, but their effect will change based on how translucent the base material is.


  • I would like to use it on latex masks in the future or cases so yes That it stays forever thank you so much I will try this lit glowing powder  thanks !
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