Softer Foam Latex and Pooling in molds

Hi! I recently have been running foam latex and I haven't gotten a fantastic piece yet and I'm looking for some advice. I've been running foam chins in an ultra cal mold (no bluestone) with the Monster makers foam latex standard formula on a 9 minute mix time. My latex base seemed to be pretty thick and with under a 200 g mix it seems hard for my mixer to mix in enough bubbles. I think mold could have still been a bit wet but what are some ways to stop the pooling that deforms the low points in the prosthetic? How can i get a softer foam latex too? right now it feels not very compressible and not like professional foam latex? would over baking do this? It holds it's form and doesn't dent either


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    HI Pj,

    Sounds like you need to fine-tune your mixture, mixing process, and baking times/temperatures. The foam kits from Monster Makers should give you a professional result, but there are a lot of variables that determine how the foam turns out.  Ultracal mold should work just fine.  And the dryer the better, so it can absorb moisture as the foam bakes.

    Sadly, I have relatively limited experience running my own foam pieces as I started focusing more on silicone for my own work.

    Do we have any foam running wizards here with tips?

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