How to build the handle/control for the external eyes mech ?

Hi. I don't know if it is a part of the course that has been cut out in the videos (most all of the videos of BJ Guyer courses are playing funky???, some chapters beginnings being repeated in the following one) But I could not find how BJ Guyer constructed the handle/control that is installed at the end of the tube/string for the external eye mechanism in the PUPPET MECHANISM BASICS: EYES, EYEBROWS, EARS - PART 2 course. It should had been somewhere between the chapters : «Constructing an External Eyelid Mechanism - Part One»and «Installing the Eyelid Mechanism».
Can you help me out with that: ? Send me the video link, or other kind of tutorial fir this specific kind of external control, thank you!


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    For the eyelid mechanism the control setup depends on your own preferences.  You can do anything from a ring that you place your finger inside of to pull the cable down or something more advanced like a handle or lever that pulls the cable.  If you have a specific control setup in mind I would be happy to walk you through how it might be created.

    Sorry to hear you had some issues with the video player.  We are in the process of updating the player to the latest version, which should address issues with navigating chapters.

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