“Ghost of the Elf Doll” horror character video

My character is intended for a graphic novel horror fantasy that I am creating using the life-size dolls I have invented (such as the one in the video teaser that I created yesterday as my Stan Winston Horror Character Contest entry).  I hope to finish an audio video version in time to enter the AT&T film awards this April.  I started developing life-size dolls for art models some years ago.  I am now endeavoring to produce books and videos detailing how creators can make their own using templates they can purchase from me through my store www.life-sizedolls.com.  I am also hoping to finish my graphic novel’s first episode for Comicon this year.  Perhaps I can also take some of my characters to the Monsterpalooza next😃 https://youtu.be/uNgtCZjBavQ

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