Dark Elf Elder foam latex multi-piece prosthetic makeup Creature Contest Entry

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Hello and thank you for clicking on my discussion post :smile: 

This is a foam latex, multi-piece prosthetic makeup I designed and made whilst on the Make-Up FX and Prosthetics Creation course at Gorton Studio. My classmates and I were given four weeks to design, sculpt, mould and cast our prosthetics. On the final day we applied our creations to our models and finished the day off with a photoshoot.

I chose to create a dark elf character because of a Face Off challenge called 'Dark Magic', where the contestants had to create a Dark Elf makeup inspired by an elf rune. When I watch Face Off I always like to design my own makeup based on that week's theme, and so for this challenge my makeup design would be for the 'Psychic Powers' rune. 


I applied an off white PAX paint base coat and then applied warm greys, pinks and lilacs Skin Illustrator palette paints to punch up the skin tone (dark elves are supposed to be subterranean creatures hence the pale grey skin and tectonic plate-esque skull), as well as adding blue washes and dark reds to create depth. I love how the abnormal head shape, the cracked skull, defined old age wrinkles and jagged horns indicates his noble status and ancient intelligence. 

Before the course, even though I loved reading about SFX makeup and watching tutorials on Youtube and the Stan Winston website, I didn't have the confidence just to give it a go. I'm really proud of this piece and even if I don't win this contest I welcome the opportunity to share it with the Stan Winston community. During the application, I could see moments where my model Jonathan was getting into character; the upturned lip sneer and the glint of cunning mischief in his eyes really were the icing on the cake (hopefully he wasn't snarling due to my makeup application technique) :D  . The process of creating, the final finished makeup and those moments where the character's personality starts to appear are what I look forward to in my future career as a SFX makeup artist  :# 

Thank you again for looking at my discussion post and good luck!!! 

Best wishes,

Hannah Stewart 

P.S. I appreciate any feedback you may have


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