Poisonous Thoughts

Sometimes the darkest parts of the human mind possess a deadly life of their own...

An original-design concept drawing for an upcoming feature-length horror movie I'm working on. Micron pen on paper. This will soon be a fully articulated puppet, one of many nightmarish beings destined for an appearance in the film. More details to come as production gets nearer, stay tuned!!


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    This rules. Really striking style, reminds me of Dave Allsop's work. Do you happen to know how you're going to approach the bristles yet? I'm working on human /spider hybrid sculpt, and am hoping to punch the final cast with some tapering, finger-length black bristles. 
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    Thanks a lot Dan, that’s a hell of a compliment (sweet MTG Abomination profile pic by the way)! The head will be foam latex, so for the large bristles on the back of the neck I think I’ll punch in stripped chicken feathers painted black. The arachnid head-limbs will probably be Sculpey, and I think I’m going to sculpt tiny pores into them where I can glue individual hairs. Probably a huge pain in the ass haha, but I really think hairs are crucial to the creepiness of skittery arachnid limbs... Definitely wanna see that hybrid sculpt when you’re finished, thanks again!
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    Wow, that really is coming along nicely.

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