Pull on foam latex injury

Is there a way to make a pull on sleeve that you can attach a foam latex appliance too ?  Looking to find an easy way to speed up application time to a haunted house actor that has a torn up bicep. To save time and budget I would plylike to apply the foam latex piece to something to put onto his arm in scene. Anyone know what material I can use and how to do it ?


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    I've never tried anything like that, but I'm sure something is possible.  Though the appliance will likely not blend seamlessly into fabric, and the fabric edges would need to be hidden on the performer or they too will be visible.

    Foam latex is also not super durable, so it will eventually break down or get damaged.  If you are looking to create something for longer term use you may want to look into silicone appliances.

    As for what type of material your sleeve could be made out of, something with stretch like a spandex would likely be your best bet.


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    Todd WatsonTodd Watson ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    Hey Audrey,

    There are some incredible half and full-arm nylon fake tattoo sleeves out there that may help, to glue the piece UNDER and rip thru to show the wound, (eh, eh?!). If you really need to use a foam piece without tattoos, women's nude pantyhose might be a good sleeve material that disappears pretty well under haunt lighting. Again, put the piece under the hose, and it'll give a consistent look to the whole arm. They come in lots of skin tones and you can use straight casting latex to glue the piece to them. Seal the back with latex too. It'll let you clean the back of the piece with alcohol nightly, a big plus for that loooong month.

    Also, I'd go with a one and done prop blood that dries permanent and glossy, like Pale Night's Perma-Blood, or even gloss latex interior house paint mixed 1:3 with water and casting latex. It'll make application even faster, and no blood clean up! A bad ass wrist band and some velcro on both ends of the sleeve and costume, and you MAY get away with it!  

    Happy Haunting,
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