BabyMaw, Hybrid Fetuses & PitHowler

edited April 2015 in Creature Contest
Hello!  My name is Josh and I am a sculptor/designer from Orange County, CA.  I'm mainly self taught from the internet and I have learned a ton from the Stan Winston school videos.  You can see more of my work at and on Instagram @creaturekits

Here are my submissions for the Creature Contest.

1.  BabyMaw, Originally sculpted in Monster Clay and then molded, cast in polyurethane resin, and painted. 

2.  Hybrid Fetus, Super Sculpey, suspended in water clear material.

3.  PitHowler, Monster Clay

8.jpg 454.9K
7.jpg 480.3K
5.jpg 487.3K
6.jpg 511.2K
9.jpg 504.9K
2.jpg 413.5K
1.jpg 418.2K
3.jpg 415.9K
10.jpg 482.9K
11.jpg 572.6K
4.jpg 310.5K


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