The writhing Beast

"Deep within the bowls of long forgotten passageways left empty in smothering darkness the shifting mumble of motion echoed in the silence, only tuned out by the gasping of some unseen being in such an abyss. A shutter and click brought a single beam of light onto the being that no eyes would ever want of seeing as it writhed itself into motion." 


This creature was brought to life in monster clay, my inspiration was the idea of something contorted, strange and bony with vine like limbs. I also considered moving parts of the body we know to be on a face such as a mouth but wanted to change how this creature might be viewed. Was edited on krita to add some deepening shadows and color effects.

This is the sculpture Before the digital additions:

Thanks for taking a look at this, I enjoyed myself terribly and good luck to everyone.

-Anastasia Bolinder
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