Just built an open source CNC machiene?.

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I will now start on the fun adventure of customizing and hacking it.  I'll be making a custom dust extraction system for it, as well as building a Raspberry PI2 server to control/interface with it...

I will also be redoing all the wiring, which is currently in a bit of a sorry state.

For the control software I've been looking into ChiliPeppr, which is an open source web-based CNC framework.  It's modular, which means I can modify existing modules or develop my own.

Anyone here work with CNC routers?

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    I played around with the ChiliPeppr software a while back, and really liked it.  I do web development so it was nice to have so much power available to customize things.  I got it running on a Raspberry Pi as well.  Hope to revisit that some day!

    The CNC I have in my home shop is an X-Carve, but I don't have it running right now.  I got an upgraded controller/power supply for it but never finished installing it.

    I hope you can share some progress here as you work on your CNC. Maybe that will motivate me to get up and running again!

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