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Hello, I'm starting to get into video editing and vfx for film.  What would you recommend as a quality laptop for under 2000$ for doing that, and still be able to run blender, dragonframe, photoshop, premiere elements?  Thanks!

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    Hi John,

    Finding a good deal on a laptop can be a bit tricky, but your $2k budget should be able to get something good.  For applications like video editing and photoshop you'll want as much ram as you can afford, at least 16gig, if not 32.    For blender and 3D work a good video card is key.

    I've been using MacBook Pro laptops for years (and using blender, photoshop, after effects, etc.), but the trouble there is the cost.  Apple does not have very budget friendly pricing.   A few years back I got a Razer pro laptop for 3D and VR work that turned out to be a big disappointment.  They had a high price, promised big, but delivered very poorly made hardware.

    In terms of resources Blender will be the most demanding, so I would use that as your target spec.

    Here are some laptop recommendation lists for Blender.  They are a good starting point for research.  I'm always a bit dubious about product lists unless I know the site, as often they are thrown together to get affiliate sales, but they can help see what's out there.


    Here's a list of supported GPUs (video cards) for Blender, which may help in the search

    Also, I'm not sure if you are familiar with Andrew Price (aka Blender Guru https://www.youtube.com/user/AndrewPPrice ) but he has this twitter post that may help a bit.  And if you are interested in blender I highly recommend his YouTube content.


    Hope that helps!

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    Currently, I'm using Microsoft Surface Book 2  for graphic designing and video editing. Recently I completed my project for client website is based on lawnmower he requires to make a video having some animation, and its result should be in 4K. I completed this project by using this machine, and the client was happy with my work
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    Thanks wish I checked back sooner,  I bought an asus proart studio-book 17”.  16 gb with 1tb ssd. Getting blender sometime soon,  thanks!
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    No worries, hope your adventures with blender go well!  Please feel free to share your work/progress with us here.

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    Thanks everyone!  I’m also going to try photoscanning and making a character that way.  I bought a asus 1tb studio book pro a few months ago and I am learning blender as we speak!
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