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Hello, I'm starting to get into video editing and vfx for film.  What would you recommend as a quality laptop for under 2000$ for doing that, and still be able to run blender, dragonframe, photoshop, premiere elements?  Thanks!

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    Thanks wish I checked back sooner,  I bought an asus proart studio-book 17”.  16 gb with 1tb ssd. Getting blender sometime soon,  thanks!
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    No worries, hope your adventures with blender go well!  Please feel free to share your work/progress with us here.

  • BigsalebroBigsalebro Pakistan
    Finding a good deal on a laptop can be a bit tricky, but your $ 2k budget should be able to get something good. For applications like video editing and Photoshop you can take as much RAM as you want, at least 16gig, if not 32. A good video card is prime for Blender and 3D work.

    I've been using a MacBook Pro laptop for years (and after Blender, Photoshop, Effects, etc.), but the problem is there. Apple does not have a very budget-friendly price. A few years ago I got a Razor Pro laptop for 3D and VR work which was a big disappointment. They had a high price, promised big, but delivered very poor hardware.

    Blender will be the most sought after in terms of resources, so I will use it as your target device.

    Here are some laptop recommendation lists for Blender. They are a good starting point for research. I am always a little skeptical about product lists until I find the site, as they are often thrown together to get affiliate sales, but they can help to see what is out there.
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