3 creepy girls - Cannibal, Cadaver and Morana

My name is Adam Pelda and I am a freelance ilustrator, from Czech Republic.You can find my art HERE ,or on my FACEBOOK page. And also Instagram. I hope you will like my creepy art ;)

MORANA, digital panting with mixed media. She is a goddess of death and frosty winter. For me she is like mother nature - brood die from starving in mercyless blizzard, fields and forests die and rebirth from snow, and the silence of predators lurking behind you in the darkness. She is not evil or good, she is the queen of the food chain and we need to respect her.

CADAVER, a digital painting in photo/photomanipulation. This dead girl is a symbol for decaying past, and cute little fox represents cruelty of reality. The forest is all about cruelty and decay, and that´s why we feel so "good" there...

CANNIBAL, digital painting. This one symbolises self-destructive behavior. For example female model starving to death because of beauty. Or the need for "enjoing" life through drugs, sex and consumerism, ending with never ending hunger for more, leading to self-destruction.

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